Thursday, April 23, 2009

Former Consolidated Theaters CEO Makes Largest Donation to National MS Society in Carolinas

The President of Stone Theaters and former owner of Consolidated Theaters has said that he will spend the rest of his life dedicated to finding a cure for MS. This comes after two of Stone's children have been diagnosed with the disease.

The business man has donated 1 million Thursday and launched a new campaign at the N.C. Research Campus to battle multiple sclerosis. The campaign will fund current and future research at the campus, much of which will be completed at the state-of-the-art David H. Murdock Core Laboratory.

Much of the research will be completed at the David H. Murdock Core Laboratory. Campus founder David Murdock says the partnership fits with his vision for the campus to become public-private partnership focused on health and nutrition. To date, 17 businesses, eight N.C. universities and the state’s community college system plan a presence on the research campus.
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