Monday, June 29, 2009

Money Follows the Person

North Carolina was awarded a Money Follows the Person Demonstration Grant in May 2007. It was intended to help individuals who are confined to institutions move back into the community. Most of these said people remain institutionalized, not out of willingness or preference, but because they must do so in order for Medicaid to cover their care. “Money Follows the Person,” a potential solution to the problem, is the term describing the practice of Medicaid allowing these people to move out of nursing homes and institutions and into their homes and communities to receive the assistance they need. Thus, the money for the care, along with the care itself, follows the person into their respective homes and communities.

Accomplishing this will be a long and grueling process. It involves shifting state policies, adjusting Medicaid funding streams, and supporting local communities so that elderly people living in nursing homes may come home. The MFP committee is working hard to achieve this goal. To learn more about MFP in North Carolina, please visit the hyperlinked article or
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