Thursday, February 18, 2010

Need Help With Inclusive Health?

The North Carolina legislature created Inclusive Health to help provide insurance to the approximately 200,000 NC residents that have preexisting conditions or lack access to affordable medical coverage. 4,000 applications have been approved since the program's inception. Inclusive Health agents will visit Brunswick and Columbus county later this week to answer questions and help people enroll. These counties were chosen with expectations that many residents would qualify for Inclusive Health Assist, a program offering discounted premiums to individuals falling 300% below the poverty line. Be sure to look into these programs because although it is not all income based, it is first come first serve.

Events like this will continue being scheduled across the state, announcements are posted on the Inclusive Health Facebook page. The Inclusive Health Website has an excellent FAQ page too. People diagnosed with MS should look over these resources, and if you may be eligible, or still have questions, click here to find an agent in your county to further assist you.
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