Friday, February 5, 2010

Raleigh Transit Authority Public Hearing Notice:

WHEN: 4:00 PM, Thursday February 11, 2010
WHERE: 2nd Floor, Municipal Building, Raleigh City Council Chambers

The Raleigh Transit Authority, RTA, is holding a public hearing on Thursday, February 11 to discuss the proposed Implementation Plan for the Accessible Raleigh Transportation System -
Alternatives Analysis. Following a presentation and discussion regarding future route changes, staff will present the five proposed implementation objectives derived from the Accessible Raleigh Transportation System - Alternatives Analysis. A Public Comment Period will immediately follow the presentation.

The objectives include: (1) Revising client eligibility/certification process, (2) Initiatint group trips for common origins and destinations, (3) Establishing formal relationships with vendors, (4) Certifying and training Taxi driver (5) Pursuing Medicaid provider status.

If you are unable to attend, written comments may be submitted to the following

Richard Vinson, Senior Planner
Accessible Raleigh Transportation
P.O. Box 590, Raleigh, NC 27602-0590
or email directly to Richard at:

All comments will become part of public record if received by Thursday
February 18, 2010.
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