Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Proposed Budget Cuts

Again, thank you to all the MS Activists, who completed the North Carolina Chapters Advocacy Network (NC CAN) Policy Priority Survey. Those that responded to the survey overwhelmingly supported advocacy priorities which maintain quality health and long-term care services that will ensure people living with MS retain independence.

North Carolina legislators will be returning to Raleigh in three weeks. Up for debate will be Governor Perdue’s proposed adjustments to the 2010-11 budget, which reduces state spending by almost $1 billion. More than 40% of these cuts come from the Department of Health and Human Services – Division of Medical Assistance Budget. Proposed adjustments include:

* Creating a specialty drug network for dispensers of certain high cost drugs
* Reducing the maximum number of visits for speech therapy, physical therapy and occupational therapy
* Eliminating adult optical services
* Eliminating in-home personal care services (PCS)
* Limiting adult dental coverage to emergencies only.

In addition, the Governor has proposed to cut $3.3 million from the Independent Living Program by reducing for home modifications and medical equipments and eliminating 8 recreational therapist positions. These are just a few of the reductions being proposed that could impact the independence of low-income people living with disabilities in North Carolina.

Please plan to make your concerns about the above reductions known to your legislators NOW while they are still in their districts and throughout the legislative session.

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