Friday, April 15, 2011

Establishing a HBE: Call to Action, Round 2

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On Tuesday, April 12, the North Carolina House of Representatives' Insurance Committee DID hear an explanation of House Bill 115, legislation to establish a Health Benefits Exchange. The bill was modified to further tie the hands of the Governor's appointment to the Board. Furthermore, at least three seats (and potentially more) on the Exchange's board are reserved specifically for health insurers and a health insurance agent – thus health insurers will still be regulating themselves in this new insurance market.

Your NC Representative and the House Insurance Committee still need to hear from you and your concerns that there is no consumer accountability on the exchange. Current legislation prevents the Exchange from requiring that only those plans offered through the Exchange meet consumer-friendly requirements, like being easy to compare and offering easy-to-understand benefits. Without a strong consumer accountable exchange, consumers will continue to have little choice purchasing affordable health care coverage.

Finally this new legislation needs to have a broad base funding stream, not just taxing individuals and employers within the Exchange.
Email your North Carolina Representative through the National MS Society's website to ask them to oppose HB 115.

For more information on establishing a consumer-friendly Health Benefits Exchange in North Carolina, please visit The North Carolina Chapters of the National MS Society are members of Citizens for Responsible Health Care.
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