Monday, October 10, 2011

Court says insurer can't cut veteran's disability

For the last few years, I have facilitated a group of dedicated veterans living with MS that want to increase awareness about the National MS Society among veterans living with multiple sclerosis. I am very aware I am just staff and these amazing individuals get the job done and make the entryway for me into the VA system. Moreover, they inspire me and teach this daughter of a civil servant the ropes of accessing VA benefits. Because of my position, I have been made a point person for many trying to attain these benefits. I am proud to say that our Veteran Livings with MS website has helped, but all too often I get an e-mail or phone call that shares a story of a veteran that has run into a wall getting their benefits -- especially for those veterans diagnosed with MS after the seven years window has passed since their discharge date.

So this morning when I read this article "Court says insurer can't cut veteran's disability" I was uplifted to learn that if this court decision prevails, Mr. Riley will get his VA benefits and employer disability benefits -- both of which he earned.

And while this isn't exactly good news. it is good to know that the EPA has released a report stating that "the chemical in the LeJeune water is a carcinogen" For many veterans and families, this information provides correlation to the diseases they have lived with since serving at Camp LeJeune. Read the latest article about people responding to the news here. Thank you to veterans advocate Jerry Ensminger for all the work you have done to bring this issue to the forefront. If you are living with MS and were stationed or worked at Camp Lejeune, NC between 1957 and 1987, it is important that you contact and register with the US Navy while research is ongoing.
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