Tuesday, October 21, 2008

NC High Risk Insurance Pool Accepting Applications

North Carolina's state high risk insurance pool will begin accepting applications this week. The insurance pool has been called a major step forward for people in North Carolina who cannot afford health care. The program, called Inclusive Health, includes a pool that will primarily assist people with chronic illnesses or other serious health issues who lose their employer-based health coverage and cannot afford to pay the high premiums that individual insurance plans demand. The average premium in the pool will be $550 but will vary depending on the age of the enrollee and the level of deductible he or she chooses. Public dollars will be used to subsidize the cost of the premiums. North Carolina officials predict that four thousand people will sign up initially, and that within the next ten years ten thousand will have done so. Coverage will start in January of 2009. For more information on the Inclusive Health program, please visit their website here.
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