Saturday, May 8, 2010

NC and KY only Southeastern States to Manage Own HRIP

Half of the eighteen states opting against managing the new federal High Risk Insurance Pool are within the southeastern United States. North Carolina will be one of 29 states plus the District of Columbia that have formally committed to participate in federal reform -- specifically Inclusive Health will contract with the US Department of Health and Human Services to provide an additional health insurance benefit to individuals living with pre-existing conditions beginning July 1.

Additional information on how Inclusive Health will manage NC's portion of the federal risk pool will be forthcoming.  What is known is that cost of the insurance will be similar to a person buying insurance on the individual market without a pre-existing condition. An "eligible individual" must:
  1. Have a pre-existing condition;
  2. Be uninsured for 6 months prior to date of applying for federal risk pool; and
  3. Be a US citizen or lawfully present
To ensure implementation of the federal high risk insurance pool, the North Carolina General Assembly will have to make legislative changes to the state law establishing High Risk Insurance Pool legislation in the short session which begins Wednesday, May 12.
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