Thursday, June 3, 2010

Congress Holds Back State Assistance

North Carolina legislators, like those in dozens of other states across the country, have been counting on Congress to extend federal assistance to help them pay for critical health and education programs. Specifically, North Carolina's leaders have included approximately $500 million in their budget proposals that would come from an extension of an increased federal match for state spending on Medicaid (commonly known as the FMAP extension).

Unfortunately, Congress stripped the FMAP extension from the jobs bill that it passed last week, which could leave North Carolina with an increased budget hole of $500 million. The removal of an additional $500 million from a barebones state budget would be devastating for the education, health and well-being of North Carolina's families.

Even though the next fiscal year starts in less than one month, there's still time for Congress to pass the FMAP extension. The National MS Society, as a part of the Together NC Coalition, is urging you to take action.

Please contact US Senators Burr and Hagan and your US Representative to tell them that you're counting on them to extend the FMAP increase.

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