Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Good News: NC Activism Raises Awareness of Accessible Parking Violations

Bookmark and ShareYou may recall, blog entry A Major Inconvenience Is Really Against the Law which highlighted accessible parking violations. Good news, North Carolina residents have been working to address the issue too (see Raleigh News and Observer article). In response to their activism, the DMV has published a brochure to educate the public on how to properly use a handicap placard, where NOT to park, and the penalties for violating accessible parking laws.
Violations of handicapped parking laws in North Carolina carry fines of $100 to $250 but these often do not deter people from complying with state law. You can pick up copies of this new brochure at DMV offices across the state in addition to downloading them from the DMV website.

The article suggests the following tips to get the word out about accessible parking:
  • Discretely placing a brochure in the mailbox of an able-bodied co-worker who you observe misusing a relative’s handicapped placard.
  • Leaving a brochure on the windshield of a car (without a placard) violating accessible parking laws.
  • Hand them to your local police, and ask them to enforce the law.
  • Give a few to your favorite shopping mall security officers and encourage them to be vigilant against patrons abusing accessible parking spots.
Please share how you plan to share the brochure in your community.
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