Monday, March 21, 2011

Disability Awareness Day at the NC General Assembly

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The North Carolina Chapters if the National MS Society are proud to participate in tomorrow's Disability Awareness Day at the North Carolina General Assembly.

For people living with MS and other disabilities, many obstacles can inhibit quality of life and community participation. The National MS Society works to remove barriers to physical accessibility, prevent discrimination, and sustain independence. We are working to ensure that members of the NC General Assembly view the following bills favorably:

HB 234 – Juror Qualification/Disabilities: Eliminates statutory language that discriminates against potential jurors who are deaf or hard of hearing, and allows a potential juror living with a disability to disclose their disability in private. For more information and to request your legislator's support see previous post here.

HB 249/ S 248 – Update Archaic Disability Terms: Updates certain terminology used in reference to persons with disabilities. Removes such words as “lunatic”, “dumb” and “crippled” from the General Statues.

HB 71 – Housing Funds for Individuals with Disabilities: Appropriates funds to the NC Housing Trust Fund to finance housing options for individuals with disabilities.

Conforming Persons with Disabilities Act to ADA Amendments Act: Conforms North Carolina’s Persons with Disabilities Protection Act with the 2008 amendments made to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to ensure that an individual who wishes to pursue claims in state court under the ADA receive the same protections.

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