Friday, May 27, 2011

World MS Day, MS = Success!

Thank you, MS Activists for the outpouring of responses for e-MS Advocacy Day in celebration of World MS Day on May 25!  This year marked the NC Chapters’ third annual e-Advocacy Day. Over 150 emails were sent to our NC elected officials expressing what MS = to you a person living with MS, family or friends of a person living with MS and health care providers who strive to live their best life with MS.

NC legislators received over 150 meaningful and impactful messages, encouraging them to be supportive of people living with MS when passing laws regarding the health and wellness of North Carolinians. Thank you again for submitting what MS = to you. Here is a sampling of the significant messages legislators received.

MS = Knowing I will have a better tomorrow.
MS = A very strong mother. My mother refuses to let MS get the best of her.
MS = the mystery disease.
MS = A life of uncertainty, not knowing how much you health insurance will be.
MS = Being in pain for so long, that I don't remember how it feels to not be in pain.
MS = Meeting new people, discovering new interests and learning to laugh when I’d rather cry.

It is important to continue to share, connect and raise awareness of multiple sclerosis in North Carolina by expressing to your NC elected officials what MS = to you, not only on World MS Day, but every day.
Together, we are a powerful movement, working to create a world free of MS.

To participate in World MS Day 2012, become an MS Advocate to stay informed of upcoming Action Alerts.

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