Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Shift in Medicare

This week Medicare turns 45 years old!!! And with this birthday comes a shift in the focus of Medicare.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) state that, "For more than four decades, Medicare has provided health care to millions of seniors and people with disabilities. Traditionally, Medicare’s focus has been treating disease, not preventing it". However, with the Affordable Care Act that is all changing. Under this act the focus is on benefits for preventative care, such as, yearly wellness visits, and making many preventive services and screenings for conditions like diabetes, high cholesterol, and cancer, as well as vaccinations, free for beneficiaries".

"But these new benefits will only be effective if seniors and people with disabilities understand their new rights".

The CMS have put out a great deal of literature to inform citizens of these opportuities in their new campaign entitled “Share the News, Share the Health”-http://medicare.gov/share-the-health/

Family USA has also put out some very helpful information on the following sites:

For Consumers:

For Advocates:

Make sure to look at the info above and share with anyone you believe it may help!

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