Wednesday, July 13, 2011

MS Activists Participate in MS Mud Run

 Jessica Thomas is a chapter program and service manager for the Central NC Chapter of the National MS Society and an MS activist.  She has also been living with MS for over five years. Despite battling various MS related symptoms including fatigue and numbness, Thomas has found ways to stay active and positive.

Thomas worked hard to find the right medicines to alleviate her symptoms. "I have had a year of zero problems," she said. "I am doing well and have been able to stay on my MS medication uninterrupted."

MS Advocacy Day with Sen. Brunsetter at  the Legislature
“There is no cure for MS. You can only do disease modifying to help stop the progression," said Thomas. "That’s why it is important to get on medication as soon as possible when you have been diagnosed.”
Being able to maintain her medication for the past year, she has been able to resume a more normal lifestyle.

She has even started running. "I have been amazed in how much I have enjoyed this activity," said Thomas.

Melissa Miedema, Jessica Thomas, and Bonnie Nevin
Bonnie Nevin is a friend and colleague of Thomas' at the MS Society. Nevin and Thomas are planning on participating in Mud Run together. They recently participated in the Marine Corps 5k Mud Run to prepare themselves for the MS Society's 10k.

The Mud Run is an "adventure course" featuring boot-camp style obstacles surrounded by or consisting entirely of mud.

“Imagine going back to when you were nine-year-olds and the feeling of adventure you had when you played with your childhood friends climbing trees, trekking through streams, rolling down hills and not caring about getting a scraped knee or a little dirt on your face,” Nevin said. “Mud Run MS gives you that feeling and then some!”

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