Friday, September 9, 2011

National MS Society responds to NC Medicaid Cuts

Today, the N.C. Medical Care Advisory Committee is meeting to discuss how the NC Department of Health Services will address the North Carolina General Assembly's mandated savings in Medicaid. As of October 1, these savings will include denying optical, dental and rehabilitative services to Medicaid beneficiaries.

At the Committee meeting, the National MS Society shared the importance of optical, dental and rehabilitative services essential to people living with MS. We were able to incorporate the story of Tessie Ann Adams of New Bern. Tessie was diagnosed with MS in 2001 on her health and pocketbook. Tessie like many others living on a fixed income with MS depends upon these not so optional Medicaid services to help her live a healthy and independent life.

Tessie also testified recently in a town hall meeting in New Bern, regarding the impact the cuts will have in her life. If you have a story to share on the impact of Medicaid cuts, please contact And please join us at activisMS for more information on policy issues that impact people living with MS.

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