Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cary Disability Task Force Sees Major Inititiative Come to Fruition

Long-time MS Activist, Cary resident and Chair of the Cary Mayor's Task Force on Disability, Lauren Hoffman saw one of her advocacy initiatives come to fruition. As a result of the long-standing efforts by the task force, in cooperation with Mall management, Cary Towne Center Mall has installed a second accessible door at it's NW entrance. For the last several years, the Task Force and Cary Towne Center's Manager, Christy Alphin, have worked together to make Cary Town Center more accessible. Alphin stated,"the property went above and beyond normal compliance requirements. The addition of the door will provide a convenient and easy access for all our shoppers."

The task force was first started in 2006 with the intent of making Cary a better and more accessible place to live. The group has gained great community recognition and success over the last 5 years. These include additional accessible parking spaces at Cary Towne Center, bicycles for people to use for jobs (with the Employment Security Commission), and an equipment loan program during Cary Spring Daze. An accessible entrance at D & S Cafeteria was also installed thanks to the efforts of CMTFOD member Kathy Davis. . The task force is open to any and all citizens who are interested in making a difference. Visit for more information. If you are interested in getting involved in a community group in your area visit here or contact your local National MS Society Chapter at 1-800 FIGHT MS.
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