Monday, June 13, 2011

Clarksville, TN Mayor Kim McMillan Diagnosed with MS

Last Tuesday morning, Mayor Kim McMillan announced she has been diagnosed with MS at a Press Conference in Clarksville Tennessee. "My doctor tells me that I am in very good health — and that this will not in any way affect my ability to continue to serve the city of Clarksville and be the best mayor that I can be," McMillan said.

Without going into too much detail about her specific symptoms, McMillan answered questions at the morning news conference. "I had some (symptoms), but I'm doing great now, and doctors have told me that I have a very manageable condition," McMillan said of her own diagnosis.

McMillan does not feel that her diagnosis will interfere with her ability to serve as Mayor and stressed that she remains optimistic. "I have learned as I'm becoming more educated about it that this condition is something that is manageable and you can live with," she said. "It doesn't shorten your life. It doesn't have any negative effects other than what you let it have."

McMillan said she hoped to use her position to give hope to others with the disease.
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