Monday, February 6, 2012

Mayfield receives National Volunteer Hall of Fame Award

Written by Zelodis Jay and James Thomas (Pictured at right with their sister, Sarah Mayfield.)
Published in the Oxford Public Ledger on January 2, 2012

Sarah Mayfield is our hero and a sister who has shown I what dedication can achieve. We had the Opportunity to accompany her when she received the National Volunteer Hall of Fame Award in Dallas., Texas on Nov. Her award was presented at the Annual National Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Society [Leadership Conference]. She was selected out of a small number of long-time volunteers to be inducted into the National Volunteer Hall of Fame.

Our sister was diagnoses with MS 30 years ago and had been an advocate in fighting for a cure for over 24 years. She has spread awareness and has advocated for programs and services important to people living with this chronic illness throughout Granville County. Her outreach expanded to the North Carolina General Assembly and the halls of the United States Congress. She is not afraid to voice her concerns to elected officials whenever she sees them in their offices, at community meeting and even her local grocery store.

Sarah is a dynamic volunteer leader in motivating MS activists to promote a positive change for everyone living with MS.

We, Zelodis Jay (Granville County Commissioner) and James Thomas (International Association of Workforce Professionals District Director) wanted Granville County to know that we have a hero, and her name is Sarah Mayfield.

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