Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The NC Plan: Everywhere, Everyday, Everybody

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Earlier this month the Raleigh Mayor's Committee for Person's with Disabilities held their annual banquet honoring community organizations and individuals that have advanced or embodied the goals of the committee. Chris Mackey, disability and health specialist for the NC Office on Disability and Health of the State Division of Public Health, keynoted the lunch. Mackey shared North Carolina's Plan to Promote the Health of People with Disabilities, "Everywhere, Everyday, Everybody." This is a ten year plan (2010-2020) designed to tackle the health disparities between those living with and without disabilities. Unfortunately, the fact is, those living with disabilities are more likely to have a wide range of other health problems from obesity to substance abuse, not the least of which is access to healthcare. The following charts taken from the NC Plan (Health Disparities pages 12-13) further demonstrate this point.

The Plan details how North Carolina, the Public Health Department, and the NC Office on Disability and Health will work to remedy and combat these disparities. The strategy is five-part, focusing on data, policy, media and educational campaigns, health and social interventions, and environment (meeting ADA compliance). Perhaps most important, "the Plan also challenges us to tackle inaccessible environments, discriminatory attitudes, policies, and norms that result in barriers to health, wellness, and quality of life" (FPG).

Read through the NC Plan and see for yourself what steps North Carolina is taking to improve the health of an important segment of the population. Take action and fill out your Pledge of Support today.

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