Thursday, November 1, 2012

How Accessible is your Polling Place?

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"Voting isn't a right. It's THE right - the one that all your others depend upon. To a citizen, nothing is more important. So no matter where you live, no matter what you do for a living, no matter what challenges you face or benefits you receive, you have every right to vote. [And] one step to ensure that ALL voters are able to vote is to ensure that polling places are accessible."
The Greater Carolinas Chapter recently joined the South Carolina Disability Voting Coalition, a non-partisan coalition dedicated to increasing the numbers of people with disabilities who vote, through voter education and improved access to the voting process.  Many organizations are participating including the South Carolina Election Commission, which produced this brochure.

In addition to encouraging MS Activists to vote on November 6, the Coalition wants to ensure that voting is barrier free by addressing accessibility between now and the next election.  If your polling station has uneven pavement, no wheelchair ramp, or a lack of other basic, accessible features needed by voters, the Coalition wants to know about it here.  However, this survey is designed to be filled out as you vote.  You can access and print a hard copy of the survey below.  This is for SC residents only.

For voters in NC, voting information and a similar survey are available through Disability Rights NC's Voting Rights Page.

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