Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Disability Inaugural Ball Displays Strength in Community

Among all of the glamorous inaugural balls held last week to celebrate the inauguration of President Obama, a special ball was designed specifically for the disability community. The event aimed to put aside partisan political agenda in order to concentrate more on the potential of President Obama's second term to fight stigma against disability and continue to increase access to programs and services for all Americans. The Disability Community Inaugural Ball was hosted by the American Association of People with Disability and Disability Power and Pride.

The ball brought together hundreds of people with disabilities, members of Congress, as well as advocates and disability leaders from the community. Former Congressman Tony Coehlo  recognized the importance of the disability community rallying every four years in solidarity to display the strength and power of the community. The ball allowed the disability community to show legislators and the Obama administration the importance of promoting ideals like equal opportunity, independent living, and political participation for all Americans with disabilities.

A new year offers many possibilities for the disability community! What progress do you hope to see this year?
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