Thursday, January 24, 2013

National MS Society Urges Gov. McCrory to Expand Medicaid

In a letter addressed to Governor McCrory, the National MS Society, NC Chapters joined with 70 other organizations from across the state urging the Governor and North Carolina General Assembly to expand Medicaid to low-income individuals under the Affordable Care Act.  If Medicaid is expanded, approximately 500,000 low-income citizens in North Carolina would have access to affordable health coverage.  Access to this coverage could ensure that more than 400 individuals get their MS diagnosis and early treatment.  

The option for states to expand Medicaid is a result of the U.S. Supreme Court’s June 2012 ruling on the Affordable Care Act.  To assist with the state's expansion costs, the federal government will pay 100% of the cost of the newly eligible for 2014-2016.  Reimbursement gradually decreases in subsequent years but stays at 90% starting in 2020; however medically needy, disabled may be considered “newly eligible”

If all states expand their Medicaid programs, up to 21.3 million Americans, including people with MS could gain access to affordable, quality and comprehensive coverage.  Medicaid provides people with MS prescription drug coverage and standard medical benefits like physician and hospital care as well as home- and community-based services that allow people with MS to remain independent and other forms of long-term services and support.

If you would like join other MS Activists in supporting Medicaid expansion in North or South Carolina, please email
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