Friday, January 18, 2013

Growing Acceptance & Support of Employing People with Disabilities

A new study released late last year shows a growing trend in support for and confidence of work capabilities of people who are blind or live with significant disabilities. The survey was released by the U.S. AbilityOne Commission, a public-partnership through which nonprofit agencies train people who are blind or have a significant disability to develop products and services for the U.S. government.

In the survey, nearly half (48%) of respondents reported knowing a family member, friend, neighbor, or co-worker who is blind or has significant disabilities. The survey also revealed a growing awareness of challenges facing Americans who are blind or have significant disabilities.

The unemployment rate for working-age persons who are blind or have a disability is disproportionately high, with only 32% of these individuals participating in the labor force. J. Anthony Poleo, Chairperson of the U.S. AbilityOne Commission stressed the importance of advocacy, saying “Awareness and education are fundamental precursors to shifting the employment figures for these highly capable yet chronically underemployed individuals in a positive and meaningful way.”

To learn more about jobs provided by AbilityOne employers in your State, contact NISH at or visit their website at

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