Thursday, April 7, 2011

Disability Rights Bills moving through NC GA

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We are please to announce that several pieces of Disability Rights legislation the Society has been working on, have received favorable support from members of the General Assembly.

SB 248/ HB 249– Update Archaic Disability Terms: SB 248 passed unanimously by both houses in the General Assembly and was sent to the Governor to be signed into law on Tuesday. Please thank legislators who voted in favor of SB 248.

MS Activists with Rep. Susan Fisher on Disability Awareness Day (3/22).
HB 234/SB 468 – Juror Qualifications/Disabilities: HB 234 bill passed in the House last week and passed the full Senate on Tuesday. In addition to legislative visits by MS Activists, the Society advocated favorable passing of the bill on Disability Awareness Day at the General Assembly. Since the bill was amended, HB 234 returns to the House for approval. The adopted amendment clarifies that any person, living with a disability or 72 years or older summoned for jury duty, may request to be excused by filing a signed statement with the court five “business” days prior to the date the person is summoned to appear. We expect an easy passage since the bill passed the Senate unanimously.

SB 384/HB 530 – Conforming Changes/Persons with Disabilities Act: SB 384 conforms North Carolina’s Persons with Disabilities Protection Act to the amended 2008 Americans with Disabilities Act. This bill ensures that individuals who request accommodations and have to appeal have the right to pursue claims in State courts. Since the last posting, both bills have been filed and received bill numbers. In partnership with Disability Rights North Carolina, the Society secured Senate sponsorship of SB 384 which was unanimously passed by the full Senate. The House is now reviewing the bill in committee.

We are anticipating the House and Senate Budget writers to release their version of the budget next week. Please continue to check activisMS for additional legislative updates.

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